Strengthen the brand - and your bottom line.

Optimize your operations by investing in the right talent.

We know that finding – let alone retaining – exceptional technicians is more challenging than ever. The AEP program was created to mitigate that problem by giving you the chance to groom the next generation of Audi technicians while simultaneously strengthening your service team. Knowing that both needs and culture can differ from one dealership to the next, the AEP allows you to choose the students you want to sponsor, then equips them with skills that will make them an immediate and enduring asset to your business.

Grow your team

In just 18 months, you’ll have an Expert Level Audi-Certified Technician who not only understands the mechanisms for driving our vehicles, but who is also deeply committed to the brand and, most importantly, to the success of your dealership.

Improve retention

Onboarding new employees can be costly – especially when they don’t stick around. The AEP program helps you hire and retain certified technicians and even helps with some of the cost of sending them to training. That means you can grow your community of technicians and increase your profitability at the same time.

Audi-backed support

Dealerships who participate in the AEP program will have the full support of the brand behind them. We provide all training resources as well as Audi-specific service and maintenance skills.

Results you can see from a team you can trust

Reduced repair time. Increased customer satisfaction. Customized service for your dealership specifications. These are only a few of the benefits dealers have seen from their participation in the Audi Education Partnership program.

Ready to get started?

Here's what we need from you:

  • Provide employment to a graduate of an ASE-accredited AEP school.
  • Ensure your student completes their 18-month training and eight (8) weeks of AoA facility training to attain expert-level certification.
  • Pay your student a minimum of $15/hour.
  • Retain your student apprentice for a two year period.
  • Assign a mentor for your student during the apprenticeship program.
  • Attend "Career Day Open Houses" at local participating colleges and schools.

Program costs

$3000 after 90 days of successful student employment and registration into the LMS.

And here's what we offer you in return...

State-of-the-art training

At our participating Audi of America facilities.

Audi-subsidized student travel and lodging

For the eight (8) weeks of training, and a tool-subsidy for students upon enrollment in the program, so there's no added cost to you.

Access to exclusive job board on AEP website

Giving you a constant pipeline of top technician talent to choose from.

Enroll your dealership in the Audi Education Partnership today by filling out the details below.



What is the AEP program about?

AEP stands for Audi Education partnership. Audi has partnered with over 50 schools around the continental U.S. and Hawaii. The partnership is meant to bring quality candidates to Audi dealerships through awareness and training. There are two stages of the AEP program, stage one is AEP school training and stage two is Audi dealer apprenticeship training.

What are the benefits of hiring a student from an AEP partnership school?

By providing training material and CRC access to our AEP partner schools, graduates should already have a good working knowledge of Audi vehicles and Audi dealership processes at completion of their ASE accredited automotive program. The student should also have completed many Audi required course prerequisites for Instructor led training.

What does it take to be a sponsoring dealership?

Dealership that would like to participate are required to fill out the AEP participation agreement prior to participation.

How long is the AEP apprenticeship program from start to finish?

This program is intended to be completed in an 18 month time frame with 8 individual weeks of training (approximately one week of training every 10 weeks) at AoA service training facilities around the US.

Will the Apprentice get paid while in the AEP apprenticeship program?

AoA suggests participating dealers pay sponsored person a competitive wage during 18 month program.

What does Audi of America provide to the Apprentice?

AoA agrees to provide training courses at our learning centers so sponsored Apprentice can complete the program in the allotted timeframe. AoA will provide graduates of program with an iPad for training and a tool stipend.

Are there travel and lodging costs when attending the AEP apprenticeship portion of the program?

Audi of America has agreed to cover the cost of air travel and lodging for the 8 weeks of Audi training. If technician chooses to drive to a learning center for class, one gift card for $130 will be provided to cover fuel. Rental vehicles will be provided for Apprentice during week if flying is required.

Participants under 21: If Apprentice is under 21 and unable to rent a vehicle, Audi will provide one gift card for $130 to use for alternate transportation. Also, Audi will provide an airport transfer from airport to hotel and Learning Center to airport at end of week.

What are the AEP apprenticeship post-program commitments?

Audi of America does not require dealership to retain technician or technician to remain at dealership. It is Audi of America's recommendation that dealerships set dealer/apprentice expectations prior to entering Apprentice into the AEP apprenticeship program. It is AoA’s goal that technician retention increases at participating dealerships and graduates of program remain at dealership for years to follow.

We have a person on staff that we would like to sponsor as part of promoting within, can we enroll them in the AEP apprenticeship program?

Yes, this is acceptable. This candidate must have a good basis of automotive knowledge as demonstrated by having the requirements listed in the AEP candidate dealership checklist found this PDF. Instructors will not have time to explain basic systems and theory to one student.

What if the Apprentice isn’t 18?

It will be up to the hiring dealership if an underage student may qualify for the AEP apprenticeship program. Students in an ASE accredited high school automotive program will qualify for this program. In some states if the student is enrolled into an automotive program at high school, the school or state insurance will cover that student and allow them to work outside of the school. Always check with state and local requirements and regulations.

What is the AEP apprenticeship program cost?

The AEP program is free of cost for the Apprentice. The dealership pays a sponsorship fee of $3000 for each student they place into the program. This fee is charged after 90 days after the first class the Apprentice attends.

What do I do if we are under an AEP agreement and we have a new Service Manager?

Please send new Service Manager contact information to Include Name, phone number and their email address that is used for AccessAudi login.

What do I need to do to enroll an AEP Apprentice Technician?

Please log into the Audi CRC and follow the new process document.Click here

I have a technician that has passed their ASE tests, how do we match the ASE records to be seen on the Audi CRC?

Please follow the instructions on the attached document found here