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Become an Audi Education Partner today.

As an Audi Education partnership school, you'll have a world-class automotive brand investing in your students. We will provide all the materials and resources you need to put them on the fast track toward further education and career opportunities with Audi.

What being a partner means

Affiliated schools can offer students exclusive access to Audi education, resources and support they can’t get anywhere else.

What partnership schools receive

Audi of America provides you with automotive component theory and operation materials, along with dealership process instruction and training aids.

The perks of partnership

Partnership with Audi will enhance your existing curriculum and, in turn, become a compelling selling point in your recruitment efforts. We will also provide you with marketing materials, career fair support and more to help you grow your student body year after year.

Sheridan Technical College

Edgard Solis is an instructor at Sheridan Technical College whose passion and dedication to both his students and the Audi brand is second to none.

"The AEP program is one of the best things ever to happen to this school. The training materials are excellent and the support they provide to me, our students and our school is fantastic. I've been a part of the program for four years and it just keeps getting better, which means we're graduating more techs every year. If you're considering bringing this program into your school, stop thinking and just do it. You won't regret it!"

Educate. Advocate.

Audi Education Partnership schools position themselves as aids and advocates in furthering students' education and careers. This means:

Emphasizing work ethic

Drive home the importance of consistent attendance and a good grade point average.

Advising and incentivizing

Motivate and inspire students to complete the AEP online training modules that will prepare them for an apprenticeship with a local Audi dealership.

Prove what's possible

Ensure students know what it takes to build a career as an Expert Level Audi-Certified Technician, and show them what’s possible when they do.

What's required

Audi of America will provide everything you need to set your students on the right career path - here's what we need from you:

  • Must be ASE accredited and promote the AEP program to incoming students.
  • Must encourage student progress in online Audi Certification Resource Center (CRC) self-study modules.
  • Must provide a contact liaison to Audi of America and local dealerships and notify the brand of upcoming career fair events.
  • Must allow space for Audi vehicles / material at career fair events.
whats required

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What is the AEP program about?

AEP stands for Audi Education partnership. Audi has partnered with over 30 schools around the continental U.S. and Hawaii. The partnership is meant to bring quality candidates to Audi dealerships through awareness and training. There are two stages of the AEP program, stage one is AEP school training and stage two is Audi dealer sponsorship training.

What will Audi provide to participating schools?

Audi will provide instructor access to web based training modules, along with access to other training materials including videos and self-study programs to assist with classroom or individualized instruction.

What requirements are placed upon my school to participate in the AEP program?

Audi requests the instructors direct and advise interested students to sign up and complete web based training modules. It is encouraged that the school assist the students with signing into the Audi Certification Resource Center (CRC). Schools should also assign or encourage students to complete Audi CRC online training modules during their time in the automotive program. This way the students are better prepared to go directly into Audi of America (AoA) training once hired at an Audi dealership.

What does an AEP program school teach?

AEP partner schools are required to adhere to ASE accredited automotive curriculum. Audi will not place additional curriculum requirements on participating partnership schools. Schools may utilize, at their discretion, material that Audi has shared with the facility as part of their normal automotive program.

Will Audi provide equipment to the school?

Some participating schools may have tools and vehicles as training aids but Audi will no longer donate or support schools with tools, vehicles, or vehicle components. Local dealerships will be encouraged to donate components that an AEP school might request or that might make good training aids.

Is there a cost to my school to be a partner?

No, there is no cost to school to be an AEP partner. Schools that are chosen to be partners will be determined by Audi and will involve several criteria, mainly school locality versus Audi dealership market saturation.

Will Audi provide instructor training at the school?

Instructors at AEP schools are notified of AoA training courses when openings exist. Dealership staff training will remain highest priority but every effort will be made to accommodate AEP instructors. Partner school instructors are not considered employees of AoA.