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From graduate to employee

Your dealership will pair you with an experienced mentor technician after graduating from a certificate program and completing your AEP requirements online. The next step to becoming an Expert Level Audi-Certified Technician is applying for an apprenticeship with a local Audi dealership. Once hired, you'll start getting hands-on experience in the service bay, and participate in eight (8) weeks of Audi-specific in-class instruction over 18 months at one of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Earn while you learn

Audi will cover your travel and lodging expenses, and you’ll be paid a minimum of $15 per hour for the time you spend training in the service bay.

Learn from the best

Your dealership will pair you will an experienced mentor technician who will show you the ropes of working in the service bay during your apprenticeship.

Become an Audi-Certified Expert Technician

After completing the AEP program, you’ll be an Expert Level Audi-Certified Technician and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. You can then continue your training to achieve higher certification, look for growth opportunities within your dealership, and more. Simply put, your future is in your hands.

Get ahead of the curve.

Train and work in our state-of-the-art facilities with certified instructors and veteran technicians who will
show you what it takes to maintain the Audi standard of excellence.

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The AEP packs years of education into just eight weeks. Here's a preview of what you'll learn.

Week 1

Fast Track Week 1 teaches Audi electrical basics, wiring diagrams, more.

Week 2

Fast Track Week 2 further builds upon electrical knowledge, more.

Week 3

Learn valuable networking skills that will help you further your career.

Week 4

Study the operation, diagnostic and service procedures of Audi high-voltage systems.

Week 5

Tackle the elements of engine mechanical diagnosis along with HVAC principles.

Week 6

Study Audi suspension and alignment procedures along with driver assist systems.

Week 7

Master the art of the engine during engine management week.

Week 8

Earn the knowledge needed to test, diagnose, and repair Audi chassis systems.

Join the next generation of Expert Level Audi-Certified Technicians.

Find a participating school near you and apply to the AEP program now.

Find a school

"This is the education you need to create a future for yourself."

Watch the video to meet current AEP students and alumni. Learn about why they chose Audi, and how the AEP program has prepared them for a lucrative career as an automotive technician.

Twin Cup

Audi technicians from around the world put their heart and soul into their work each and every day. This annual event brings together the best Audi technicians from around the country for an action-packed weekend of competitive challenges and special events. It’s an experience that's impossible to put into words, and it's just one more reason to join our incredible team. Check out the video to get a feel for the experience.

What is the AEP program about?

AEP stands for Audi Education partnership. Audi has partnered with over 30 schools around the continental U.S. and Hawaii. The partnership is meant to bring quality technician candidates to Audi dealerships through awareness and training. There are two stages of the AEP program, stage one is AEP school training and stage two is Audi dealer sponsorship training.

What will I learn at an AEP school?

Participating AEP schools are required to teach an ASE accredited automotive program. Schools may teach material that Audi has shared with the facility during their normal automotive program. Audi is not placing other curriculum requirements on the school. It is encouraged that the school assist students with signing into the Audi Certification Resource Center (CRC), and encourage students to complete Audi CRC online training modules during their time in the automotive program. This way you are better prepared to go directly into Audi of America (AoA) training once hired at an Audi dealership.

What does the online self-study material cover, and why should I complete it?

Much of the material is generalized automotive component theory and operation. Audi specific component theory and operation material, along with dealership process instruction, are also included and is meant to increase awareness of the brand and prepare you for Audi dealership employment and certification training. Students looking to work at an Audi dealer as an AEP sponsored employee after graduation should be completing the required modules before graduation.

What if I’m not yet 18 and in high school but in an ASE accredited program?

High school ASE accredited programs will be accepted as qualified programs by Audi. GPA and attendance requirements still apply. It will be up to the hiring dealership if an underage student may qualify for the AEP sponsorship program.

What is the AEP sponsorship program?

Once hired by an Audi dealer, the dealership can then sponsor you to continue your education through the second step of AEP which is completing Audi certification specific training.

What are the AEP sponsorship qualification requirements?

For a person to qualify for the AEP sponsorship program, they must have completed an ASE certified automotive program with a 3.0 GPA and 95% attendance rate. They must have a valid driver’s license with no DUI’s or reckless driving and no more than two moving violations in the past 3 years.

I’ve completed the ASE automotive program and meet all requirements above, what do I do now?

Your next step is to submit your application. This will go to Audi for review and forwarding to local dealership/s. It will be up to the dealership to determine if you fit their team and contact you for an interview.

What is the AEP sponsorship program cost?

The AEP program is free of cost for the student.

Is a student required to graduate from an AEP school?

No, the student is required however to have completed an automotive program that has at least ASE accreditation.

How long is the AEP sponsorship program from start to finish?

This program is intended to be completed in an 18 month time frame with 8 individual weeks of training (approximately one week of training every 6 weeks) at AoA service training facilities around the US.

What does Audi of America provide to the students?

AoA agrees to provide training courses at our learning centers so sponsored employees can complete the program in allotted timeframe. AoA will provide graduates of program with an iPad for training use and a tool stipend.

Will I pay travel and lodging costs when attending the AEP sponsorship portion of the program?

No, Audi of America has agreed to cover the cost of air travel and lodging for Audi learning center training.

Will I be guaranteed a job after AEP sponsorship program completion?

The Audi dealership network is comprised of completely independent businesses and AoA does not participate in the hiring or release of employees. It is up to you to remain employable in order to have the dealership desire to retain you.

What are the AEP sponsorship post-program commitments?

Audi of America does not require dealership to retain the technician or technician to remain at dealership. It is Audi of America’s recommendation for participating dealership to set any agreements prior to entering intern into AEP sponsorship program. It is AoA’s goal that technician retention increases at participating dealerships and graduates of our program remain at dealership for years to follow.

Will the intern get paid while in the AEP sponsorship program?

AoA will suggest participating dealers pay sponsored person a competitive wage during 18 month program.

Will I be an Audi Certified technician after AEP program completion?

Yes, after completing the 8 weeks of Audi Instructor Led Training, the sponsored graduate will be an Audi Expert Level certified technician.

What are the dealership commitments to AEP sponsored student?

The Audi dealership network is comprised entirely of independent business owners. Continued dealer participation in the program will be based upon keeping annual technician retention above 80%. Audi of America (AoA) is not able to dictate how dealers treat their employees, however, AoA will provide participating dealerships with an Audi Recruitment and Retention Playbook that they will be advised to follow to be a part of this program. In this playbook are recommended business practices including recommended benefit offerings, pay options, and treatment of technicians that are proven to increase retention.